ATX+PAK Advance Global Market Access Program (GMAP) Announces Semi- Finalist Startups

25 startup companies from across Pakistan will advance to the semi-final round of the
ATX+PAK Advance: Global Market Access Program (GMAP) a two-year intensive business
development program focused on accelerating the international expansion of Pakistan
businesses. The GMAP is a partnership between the City of Austin, Texas, Innovation District
92, and Capital Factory.

The semi-finalist startups are:
AClan, ALRUG, baseH technologies, Codematics Services, Creatrixe, CricFlex, Deltacron
Business Technologies, Freightix, Gohar and Company, InstaSafe, Journal Post LLC,
MangoBaaz, Mapalytics, Maqami, MoboKey – Car Chabi, SOFTBEATS, Takhleek Studio,
Thekaydaar, The Support Group, TRIAC, Vampwelt, Vceela, Whinstone, YUGO,
The startups were selected from a pool of more than 60 applicant companies representing a
diverse range of products and services. The semi-finalists were chosen based on a variety of
criteria, including potential for long-term success in the US market.

The GMAP semi-final round includes a three-day selection boot camp May 3 to May 5 hosted by
Innovation District 92 (ID92), the City of Austin’s official ATX+PAK programming partner in

“We’re delighted to be partnering with ATX+PAK Advance which will most definitely result in
positively impacting Pakistani entrepreneurs, help them grow and scale their businesses and
create increased opportunities for both Pakistan and Austin.” – Nabeel Qadeer, CIO Superior
Group, CO-Founder ID92.

A team of seasoned investors, and business mentors from Capital Factory, the largest business
accelerator in Texas, will lead the boot camp sessions. The robust programming schedule will
include in-depth analysis of each company’s state of readiness for international expansion as
well as deep-dive discussions on topics ranging from market readiness strategies, to forming
strategic partnerships. The team from Capital Factory consists of Chris Gillan, Senior Vice
President, Corporate Innovation, and Fred Schmidt, Director International Affairs and Michael
Morton, Mentor at Capital Factory.

At the conclusion of the workshop, the Capital Factory team will select ten companies to
advance to the final phase of GMAP which includes a four-week US market immersion visit to
Austin. Each of the ten startups will receive customized mentoring support, tools, resources, and
connections to establish their global offices in Austin at Capital Factory headquarters. The goal

is to have those companies to have initiated or completed US expansion plans by the ATX+PAK
Advance program close in fall of 2020.

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