FY 2015-16 records 24% increase in the incorporation of companies

The Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), a body which regulates the incorporation and operation of companies in Pakistan, stated that 6200 new companies had registered in the preceding fiscal year, whereby indicating an increased confidence of the investors in Pakistani markets.

Despite being under the worst form of terrorism, environmental calamities and law & order issues, Pakistan’s economy has seen considerable micro and macroeconomic stability in the last 3 years. Pakistan’s international credit ratings, GDP growth, and other such indicators have shown a positive shift in the recent past.

Moreover, a substantial amount of confidence in the Pakistani economy has been shown by the national and international investors, which translated into a 24 percent increase in the incorporation of companies in the fiscal year 2015-16, compared to the previous fiscal.


In the fiscal year 2014-15, 5001 companies were incorporated in the SECP. This aggregate can be broken down into a number of sectors, in order to further explain the trends that the investors have followed in this regard.

The highest number of incorporations was witnessed in the services sector, whereby the tally stood at 644. The second highest number was recorded in the trading sector, where 583 companies were incorporated in this time span. Other sectors that saw significant incorporations were the information technology, tourism, mining, construction, and so forth.

Furthermore, 42 new foreign companies were registered in Pakistan in this period, bringing the aggregate to 881 companies.

China topped the list by 17 incorporations, followed by Far Eastern Countries, Middle Eastern and American companies. Additionally, the SECP has also facilitated the investors by launching a number of e-services, which has made it quite easier for the foreign businessmen to incorporate a company and operate it with considerable ease.

Foreign investors can invest safely in a number of the aforementioned sectors. Pakistan has massive untapped potential in mineral development, quarrying, carpet, weaving, automobiles, construction, energy and a number of other profitable avenues. Though Pakistan is currently traversing through a tough time, however the economy is showing significant rebounding and is poised to grow in the coming future.

About the Contributor:
Nauman is a writer, entrepreneur and seasoned technology consultant.He has served in international firms including IBM and Etisalat and has dealt with various business verticals.He loves to read, swim and travel.

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