Innovation District 92 brings Detroit-Punjab Entrepreneurship Exchange Program to Pakistan!

With a strong focus on building an inclusive and strong ecosystem Innovation District 92 (ID92) and Global Ties Detroit are thrilled to bring Detroit-Punjab Entrepreneurship Exchange Program (D2PAK) to Pakistan for the first time!

The core objective of this exchange program is to strengthen the startup community both in Pakistan and Detroit.

Marian Reich (Executive Director, Global Ties Detroit), Faizan Mahmood (GM Innovation, The Superior Group) and Nabeel A. Qadeer (Chief Innovation Officer, The Superior Group) have brought this exciting exchange program to Pakistan with hopes to expand opportunities for local entrepreneurs. Other notable names facilitating and making this grant possible are Faris Alami (Founder & CEO, International Strategic Management, Inc.), Antoine Dubeauclard (President, Media Genesis) and Jonathan Quarles (Founder & CEO, The BTL Group).

The prominent partners in this program are Global Ties Detroit, Innovation District 92, Superior Group, International Strategic Management Inc., Tech Town, Media Genesis and The BTL Group.

The program operates in two tiers which are as follows:

1-Exchange Program for Pakistani entrepreneurs: A cohort of Pakistani startup founders will be shortlisted for a fully funded, two week long, exchange in Detroit. The intention of this exchange will be to increase investment and entrepreneurship opportunities in Punjab as well as in Detroit Michigan. For a founder, this is the ultimate crash course they need to get deep insights and a balanced world view. Through the exchange they will get to meet industry giants, see how world class organizations progress and receive personalized mentoring sessions.

The two week professional program will include three primary elements:

1-Technical Traning

2-IVLP Style Site Visit

3-Customized Mentoring and individual coaching

The detailed breakdown of the program will be announced soon. The program is open to everyone across Pakistan and will run a rigorous selection procedure to select the best. Women, minorities, people with disabilities, at-risk youth and other underserved communities are highly encouraged to apply for this two week long entrepreneurship exchange.

2-A foreign delegation from Detroit will visit Pakistan: With a focus to strengthen people to people ties a delegation from Detroit will visit Lahore to experience the history, culture and art and the hospitality Pakistan has to offer. The delegation from US will comprise of business leaders, entrepreneurs and industry experts and in order explore business opportunities they will be engaged in meetings, panel discussions, focused groups and site visits.

Nabeel and I have a philosophy of building an inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan. Thanks to our global network and months of planning, we are proud to be the in country partners for such a great program’ – Faizan Mahmood, GM Innovation The Superior Group and Head of Strategy, ID92.

For more details about the program, selection criteria and application process log on to

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