Japan Receives Pakistani Auto Rickshaws

It is a common practice to see people in Pakistan importing cars from foreign countries, especially Japan. However, the unexpected has happened, as a local company of Pakistan has started the business of exporting the local auto Rickshaws to Japan. The four stroke CNG autorickshaw has made its way through the markets of Japan.

The export of auto rickshaws has been carried out by Sazgar Engineering who has manufactured the three-wheeler for Japanese markets.  Japan is known as an automobiles production giant, so it comes as a shock that it was importing an automobile from a third world country. The reason for this choice is the cost effectiveness of the locally manufactured autorickshaw. Autorickshaws are low in fuel consumption while capable of transporting the same number of people as a regular car.

Another factor that went into making of this decision is the truck and rickshaw art. The autorickshaws in Pakistan are usually decorated in a variety of colors and different patterns giving them a cultural and catchy look. The truck art of Pakistan is famous worldwide for using bright and catchy patterns. This was something that appealed to the market of Japan.

The Japanese people are highly cautious when it comes to safety on the road. They have strict regulations and the vehicles that do not comply to these regulations, cannot be used. It comes as a pleasant surprise that the Pakistani 3-wheeler fulfilled with the requirements and regulations of Japanese highways, making it possible to get it going on the road. Sazgar Engineering Sales Head Ismail added,

that the engines work well with the rules and regulations and can travel at an average speed of 50km/hr.

Japan is the world’s affordable car powerhouse. Major car companies like Nissan, Honda, Suzuki, and Toyota all hail from Japan, their cars eagerly imported instead of locally manufactured in Pakistan. This export of rickshaws to Japan is a game changer for the automobile industry of Pakistan. The manufacturers of these exported Rickshaws aim to work more on the marketing of Auto Rickshaws to increase sales. Also, a three-wheeler is relatively new vehicle to Japanese roads and this move could prove pivotal in a long-term export arrangement for Pakistan.

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