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The dip deepens in the PSX on...

April 18, 2017

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) continues its downward movement on the second day of the week. Starting at 47125.12 points, the index plummeted to 46809.19 points before closing at points. The movement of the index today however included lots of ups and downs that kept the investors’ on a roller coaster ride as well. Automobile assembler […]

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KPK government pens 11 agreements with Chinese...

April 18, 2017

The Kyber Pakhtunkhwa government signed eleven memoranda of understanding with the Chinese firms for development projects in the province. This comes as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor. These projects are likely to cost Rs 60 billion, and will include construction of bus terminal, health city, CPEC tower and other residential and commercial infrastructure. […]

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Mercury and electricity shortfall rise together

April 18, 2017

After repeated claims of power shortages being eliminated, continuous rants about new power projects to be constructed, today’s update is that energy shortfall has reached to 6,000 Mega Watts. The sun came out and electricity decided to hide behind the generators. As the mercury rises, the energy shortfall races to keep up. One TV channel […]

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Uber drivers to be tipped through the...

April 18, 2017

Uber has had a strict reputation for not including tip payments to drivers within its app. However, that is going to change since the company has made an announcement that it will introduce a new rule requiring tip payment in tandem with the Uber’s method of payment. The announcement of testing in-app tipping features came […]

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Budget 2017-18 to come next month

April 17, 2017

Annual Budget 2017-18 will be announced on May 26. Finance Minister Ishaq Dar said that the government has decided to announce the budget earlier this year because the holy month of Ramzan is approaching only a few days afterwards. This would be the first time that the annual budget will be in the public domain […]

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PSX takes a downward ride on Monday

April 17, 2017

Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) showed a slow start to the week. Stock market wasn’t a happy place for customers on Monday. Starting from above 47518.18 points, the market came down to 46743.55. It showed a steep but little recovery before closing on 47125.12 points. The automobile sector took a major brunt. Several companies lost on […]

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Why would I label China a currency...

April 17, 2017

USA Today reported that US President Trump stepped back on his previous plans to label China as a currency manipulator. He suggested that he is doing so as part of a strategic effort to convince China to work with the US in opposing North Korea’s missile buildup. President’s tweet said “Why would I call China […]

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Two more asked to leave United Plane...

April 17, 2017

United Airline doesn’t seem to have it easy these days. After a widely reported incident of ruthlessly dragging an Asian passenger off the plane, now the airline has made news for kicking off an engaged couple. Meera Jagannathan reported that the couple from Utah, Michael Hohl and Amber Maxwell, were enroute to their destination wedding […]

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How Telenor’s digital startup accelerator is empowering...

February 27, 2017

Telenor Pakistan provides the power of digital communication and aims to empower societies for a secure future. Telenor Velocity is the first of its kind Digital Startup Accelerator, focused on helping startups go to market over a period of 6 months, by accessing Telenor Pakistan’s scale and assets. Telenor Velocity provides a unique platform for […]