Nutella preferred an Algorithm over a Designer for its Marketing Campaign and it worked like a charm

In Feb 2017 Ferrero, Nutella’s manufacturers, partnered with advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather Italia to deploy an algorithm for creating 7 Million unique Nutella label designs.  The new designs were part of the project “Nutella Unica”. The idea was to create 7 million unique designs   that can be splashed on Nutella jars, providing each customer with a unique jar. Ogilvy & Mather released a statement saying, “We think Nutella can be as special and expressive as every single one of its customers.”

The algorithm used dozens of patterns and hundreds of color combinations to design these 7 million funky and artistic wrappings for Nutella jars.

The newly designed hazelnut spread jars were made available for its customers in the markets of Italy. The response from customers was great and the campaign turned out to be a sell-out success. All the jars sold out within a month and Italian people found favored having one-of-a-kind Nutella jar with them.

In 2010, Antrepo showed how even a minimal labeling of Nutella could work easily to distinguish products. Building on the concept, the algorithm was allowed to alter every part of the packaging design except for the Nutella logo. Due to the success of “Nutella Unica” in Italy, Nutella is reportedly launching similar campaigns in other parts of the world pretty soon. This is not the first time that Ferrero has used innovation to design Nutella packaging. The hazelnut spread is already known for its personalized packaging that allows customers to create Nutella labels with words or names of their choice.

However, the reason behind this new innovation technique is to create an irresistible demand of Nutella primarily aimed at tackling the dip in sales caused by European Food Safety Authority report. According to the report Palm Oil is used as an ingredient in Nutella Hazelnut Spread that is harmful for health if not processed properly.

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