Pakistani Stores-Pakistan’s biggest online shopping search engine

The pace of technology is very fast. New inventions are taking place rapidly. The world has become the global village due to enhanced speed of information and technology. Similarly, media has become core factor in rapid changes across the globe. These day people prefer searching online. The consumer like to search online before making certain decisions.

Thanks to 3G and 4G technology our communication and access to information has become much faster. There are number of Pakistani startups who are taking part in global competitions. Trend is changing towards employment industry. Pakistani youth are trying their effort in growing industry of self-made business. One of the tech entrepreneurs is Hammad Khan. is brainchild of Hammad khan. The website gives updated prices across all major online stores in Pakistan. Within its launch of less than nine months has hit the bull’s eye. The website has the benchmark of less than one million products in their database. If you’re not aware about the price of the product, you can still search through

User Interface of Website:
The website has focus on green and white color of the Pakistan flag. The user interface is very simple for non-tech people. Anybody who is not familiar with the internet they can search the products very easily. The way they use Google. When product is searched on It start showing competitive prices of different vendors. In this scenario we can have perception about price of the product. Yet again this website also helps in purchasing online. The website also shows top selling products. They have wide range of products from fashion, technology to FMCG products. People are hooked using this website.



Ideal Approach:

According to Hammad

“Our search techniques are widely used in search engine platforms. The system is automated based infrastructure of artificial intelligence. We had put a lot of effort to ensure our servers are safe. For this purpose our cloud sphere is different, and we use clusters of computers to keep data updated. Our domain has enough capability to handle millions of searches in the nanosecond. Implementing machine learning was challenging task for us. Though we are in pilot phase, but results are phenomenal. Still we believe there’re a lot of challenges waiting for us and we’re still prepared. Price is dynamic and it’s changing swiftly. So we keep track of overprice of the products.”

Vision for  is aimed to become next google of Pakistan in terms of price comparing. At present if we want to buy the washing machine unless we won’t go the physical store, we won’t get the good price. To solve this myth Hammad comes with the idea of giving competitive prices of different online shopping in just one website. Consumers don’t have to step out of their home to know the prices, every information of product is available online. E-commerce industry of Pakistan is growing and we foresee tremendous growth in this segment.


About the Author:

Mujtaba is a freelance writer when he is not writing he reads books, Travels, Listens music, jogging and experimenting with ideas. Follow him on Twitter: @skynightdiver


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