Pakistan’s Biggest Entrepreneurial Event Create Ripples Across Pakistan

Pakistan’s most celebrated entrepreneurial event, Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018, culminated last week on Saturday, 11th of August, 2018 held at Expo Center, Lahore.

The event that brought together the industrial sector and academia of Pakistan on one platform was marked by the presence of a number of notables from Pakistan and abroad.

Joining the Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018 were Idris Bin Jusoh – Former Education Minister Malaysia; Dr. Muhammad Nizammudin – Chairman Punjab Higher Education Commission (PHEC); Dr. Muhammad Azam Roomi – Vice Dean Faculty and Research and Vice Dean Executive Education MBSC, Prince Muhammad Bin Salman College; Alicia Dean – Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant, City of Austin; Arif Zaman – Executive Director, The Commonwealth Businesswomen’s Network; Sushil Ram – Programme Manager, The Commonwealth Secretariat; Kishva Ambigapathy – Chairman, The Commonwealth Entrepreneurship Youth Innovation Hub; Tariq Mehmood – President, Entrepreneur Organization and Jehan Ara – Longest serving president of Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA).

Prof. Dr. Chaudhry Abdul Rehman, Chairman The Superior Group, said:

“Today Pakistan has new heroes – the entrepreneurs, who have the potential to make Pakistan an economically superior Pakistan. Today by bringing together the entrepreneurial community, business leaders, academicians and people from across the borders who have impacted lives through entrepreneurship and education, we have shown to the world the potential of our youth and the innovation they bring forth to make Pakistan an economically Superior Pakistan.”

Besides the panel talks, the major highlight of the event was The Commonwealth Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship for Asia Region driven by Nabeel Qadeer, Chief Innovation Officer The Superior Group; Lead, content Producer and Host Idea Croron Ka – Pakistan’s premiere startup reality show, and Co-founder Innovation District 92.

Other than representatives from The Commonwealth mentioned above, the policy dialogue roped in delegates from the IT industry of Pakistan. Naming a few, there were Syed Ahmad – Member National Steering Committee, National Center of Artificial Intelligence; Qasif Shahid – Cofounder and CEO FINJA; Jamil Goheer – Co-founder Kualitatum; Saad Fazil- CEO VentureDive; Badar Khushnood – Cofounder Bramerz and Zaeem Yaqoob – Executive Director Student Affairs and External Relations, Beaconhouse National University.

The X-Factor of the event was the launch of Idea Croron Ka Season 3. The launching ceremony was graced by several noteworthy personalities from the investor and entrepreneurial community such as Rabeel Warraich – Founder and CEO Sarmayacar; Abdul Rehman Talat – CEO BlueEast and Director Marketing and Sales Orient Group of Companies; and Faisal Sherjan – Executive Director NIC Lahore.

More than 150 startups showcased their products to an audience of more than 20,000 people. The winning startups were Atmosphere Water Generation, OMC tech, A Coders and BruVlt who bagged a gross prize money of PKR 500,000.  Dr. Sumaira Rehman, Rector Superior University and Director Chaudhry Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development, mentioned:

“Pakistani youth has the potential to make a difference. Today there are more than 150 ideas being showcased in the presence of international and national personalities. I believe, entrepreneurship is the way forward because it is the entrepreneurial mindset that pushes youngsters to convert the challenges into opportunities and make Pakistan an economically Superior Pakistan.”
Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018, powered by The Commonwealth, was sponsored by DIN Gardens, PHEC, PTCL, Careem, VentureDive, FM91, Miniso, Shapes, E-Ocean, Treet and Orient.

See the happenings of the event at:

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