Saudi Arabia launches delivery apps to facilitate people during Ramzan

Traffic in Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent issues. It gets worse every year with the extreme weather conditions and that hampers the activity of the common man. During Ramzan, it’s almost impossible for people to leave their houses and go for grocery shopping. One finds these innovations interesting as the nascent tech space makes waves in the Saudi world.

Increased internet facilities in Saudi Arabia have convinced the entrepreneurs to make the most out of the market by creating a quantity of quality delivery apps. Following are a few startups in operation:

Mathaqi: Mathaqi is a homemade food app, started in March. It lets you order homemade food and browse the menus of nearby home cooks. The company works with a partner to provide homecooked meals, in order to support Saudi families and creates channels that can increase their income. The Mathaqi app received the ‘Best Mobile App Innovation’ award at the KSA Enterprise Agility Awards 2017.

Mrsool: Mrsool allows its customers to deliver any type of product through freelance shoppers (those who will shop for you). It creates a network between merchants and consumers to provide an extra source of income for freelancers.

Tawseel: Tawseel was launched in May 2016 in Makkah. It provides a direct delivery service for different products ranging from food to clothing.

Mawaashi: Mawaashi was launched by two brothers raising live stock. This app allows you to choose and order livestock or packed meat. The app was launched in the beginning of 2016, and currently operates in Riyadh.

Ghazi app: This app facilitates the bridge between certified gas distributors and users. It links stores directly to users while allowing the latter to receive gas cylinders at their doorstep. Ghazi App was launched in late 2016, allowing its users in Riyadh and Dammam to order gas cylinders.

Gas Express: Gas Express is a cylinder delivery app that was launched in April in Jeddah. The app allows users to start their own accounts to order gas cylinders and have them delivered by the nearest suppliers.

These are some interesting examples for the muslim world. It would be intersting to notice how scalable they are for the rest of the muslim and non muslim world.

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