Shoppingum – Biggest Platform for Online Shopping in Pakistan

The Concept of Online Shopping in Pakistan is spreading as fire in forest. The reasons behind it, is the widespread of the use of high internet speed, means 3G and 4G. As these frequencies reach every corner of Pakistan, Every Pakistani has an access to high speed internet in their pockets on their Smartphones. Since the launch of 4G, Online shopping has become the most popular method to shop online in Pakistan. On a recent analytic Pakistan have more than 300+ online Shopping Website.

Here’s the Question arises, does these 300+ stores fulfill expectations of it’s customer? According to recent surveys the answer is disappointing. There are very few stores which reach up to the commitment they make to it’s customer. The major problem that arises for the customer is to find the actual,lowest and authentic price of the product, when he is unaware of the product actual price.

What is Shoppingum?

Shoppingum works as a search engine to find the products available all over internet in Pakistan, not only this, Shoppingum not only search product for you, but it also recommend the most popular and trusted products as per the user search and left the choice to the user. Our complex search algorithms

make the user to reach to it desire product in milliseconds. Not only this, we also engage with the search queries having synonyms of product name, or search query with a  wrong spelling. Shoppingum use artificial intelligence to learn and mature the system, that helps to recommend the best products to it’s user.

Wonder what? User just have to tell Shoppingum what he is looking for, Shoppingum will search it for you from 300+ stores just on a Single click. How cool is that!

Shoppingum have a lot more to do for you, Aside. Yes, aside searching for you Shoppingum also gives a quick view of the product. Where the user can can see the following parameter of products:

  • name of product
  • price
  • brand
  • rating
  • delivery time
  • warranty
  • return policy
  • replacement policy
  • free shipping

The jaw breaking compare feature of Shoppingum

yeah, you have heard it right, it’s jaw breaking in real time. Shoppingum have assigned a compare button on each product, click the compare button and see the magic.

Shoppingum merges that specific product form all stores at a single place for the ease of it’s user. So that, user can do a side to side comparison of his desire product form all stores in Pakistan. So this not only save your plenty of minutes to explore different website manually for your desire product but also helps to reach you desire product with a deep comparison.

Shoppingum is a place where decisions are made. Shoppingum works as a bridge between  store and  a customers and helps to built a relationship of trust between them.

So next time before going to Shop Online, give it a try on Shoppingum. You might get a jackpot, or to be safe from getting fooled by online stores, on their fake prices or commitment.

Disclaimer: Shoppingum never endorsed product of it’s own, product are only displayed by a automated intelligent system.

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Shoppingum – Biggest Platform for Online Shopping in...

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