Startups from The Nest I/O Score Big at Pakistan’s IT Oscar event

The Nest I/O startups bagged 4 Gold and 2 Silver Awards at the 15th Annual P@SHA ICT Awards held at Serena Hotel Islamabad on September 7. These startups will now go on to represent Pakistan at the APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Awards 2018 being held in Guangzhou, China on October 13.

WeMakers, a batch 7 startup of The Nest I/O, received their Gold Award in the Junior Student category from Dr. Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui, Federal Minister for IT & Telecom for their product Tinker Box – a weekly subscription box containing engineering projects that teach concepts of engineering and physics using hands-on techniques.

ConnectHear, a social startup with the aim to bridge the communication gap between the deaf and mute community and society, won the Gold Award in the Community Services category. The amazing founders Azima Dhanjee, Areej Al Medina and Arhum Ishtiaq, have been recognized locally and internationally for their diversity and inclusion efforts.

The two other Gold Award winners included TelloTalk (in the Media & Entertainment Category), Pakistan’s first secure chat app, and Investors Lounge, a financial information portal that generates powerful analytics for investment professionals winning in the Banking, Insurance, and Financial Solutions Award respectively.

Peekaboo Guru, a location based business directory that shows all the deals & discounts nearby, won the Silver Award in the Tourism and Hospitality category.

Wukla, a desktop application that enables users to create standard legal documents adapted to their transaction by completing a simple form, won the Silver Award in the Startup Category.

“The Nest I/O startups continue making us proud year after year”, commented Jehan Ara, President P@SHA and Founder of The Nest I/O. “What I love about these young entrepreneurs is that they don’t give up on their mission and it is their dedication and hard work that keeps me motivated to do as much as I can to support them and help them fulfil their dreams, even when it seems way out of reach”.

The Nest I/O startups will now be pitching at the 18th Annual APICTA Awards next month in Guangzhou China benchmarking their products against participants from 17 different countries.

About The Nest I/O

A project of P@SHA, The Nest i/o was set up in partnership with global partners Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung, and with a supporting grant from the US State Department. The Nest i/o has also partnered with Ilm Ideas 2 and UK Aid to support incubation of startups working in the education-technology space.

For a complete list of The Nest i/o startups and what they do, click here.


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