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Sprite Presents Idea Croron Ka Season 3!...

August 28, 2018

Here’s sharing an amazing news from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. A show that received a lot criticism in its initial days a couple years ago, is now co-br anded with Sprite. Idea Croron Ka team has managed to officially take on board its first major sponsor for Season 3. Following the previous announcement of Idea Croron […]

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Discover Pakistan at Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018

August 3, 2018

Providing endless opportunities to the budding entrepreneurs of Pakistan for projecting their products and ideas to the world, Superior University in collaboration with Chaudhary Muhammad Akram Center for Entrepreneurship Development (CMACED) is hosting Pakistan’s biggest entrepreneurial show named, “Superior Entrepreneurial Expo 2018” on 11th of August at Expo Center Lahore. Superior Entrepreneurial Expo is the […]

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Idea Croron Ka is back with its...

July 24, 2018

Idea Croron Ka has managed to highlight the surfacing business talent within Pakistan since the past 2 seasons and it is now moving forward to accelerate the startup ecosystem with the return of yet another exciting season, the applications for which are LIVE and the deadline is 27th July, 2018. In just a years’ time, […]

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Japan Receives Pakistani Auto Rickshaws

June 19, 2017

It is a common practice to see people in Pakistan importing cars from foreign countries, especially Japan. However, the unexpected has happened, as a local company of Pakistan has started the business of exporting the local auto Rickshaws to Japan. The four stroke CNG autorickshaw has made its way through the markets of Japan. The […]

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Saudi Arabia launches delivery apps to facilitate...

June 12, 2017

Traffic in Saudi Arabia is one of the most prominent issues. It gets worse every year with the extreme weather conditions and that hampers the activity of the common man. During Ramzan, it’s almost impossible for people to leave their houses and go for grocery shopping. One finds these innovations interesting as the nascent tech […]

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According to SECP Investments have increased in...

November 6, 2016

Company Registration Office (CRO) reports Foreign Companies entering the local market. According to the SECP figures of August 2016 ,the highest no of these companies were registered in Islamabad followed by Lahore and Karachi. The SECP also reports that registrations and investments have increased in the following sectors: 1) Auto and Allied construction, 2) Corporate […]

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PTI’s ‘Dharna-preneurship’ vs the Economic slow down

October 29, 2016

PTI’s Dharna-preneurship Dharna is an anti government protest sit-in (non violent process). The PTI Dharna politics aims to reach the masses by highlighting the present government’s corruption sc andals, lack of justice and economic policies. It is fair to say that the sit-in culture has existed in Pakistan since Ayub Khan’s time. In 2014 PTI […]

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The WorldBank will provide $650 million for...

October 26, 2016

The World bank will provide Pakistan with a development loan worth US $650 million to support projects in education, health, water and disaster sectors of Pakistan. Here is the breakdown. The loans are targetted to develop the infrastructure and governance for a promissing entrepreneurial ecosystem : 1)$200 million would be given for Balochistan Integrated Water […]

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613 new companies were registered in August...

October 25, 2016

The data compiled by Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) shows that 613 new companies were registered in Pakistan in August 2016. This shows a 51% increase in business registration compared to August 2015. Following are a few numbers that may help us underst and this growth (released by the official press statement) : […]