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Launchpad is back – Attention all tech...

August 3, 2018

St andby for a load of tech greatness as it’s that time of the year again, the Launchpad time. Launchpad 12 is here and it’s asking you to get your creative juices flowing to bring that startup idea to reality by participating in Plan 9’s biggest flagship event. We know that our future will be […]

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Ask yourself these questions if you are...

June 7, 2017

‘’Money matters’’ we have all heard this phrase, especially in terms of start-ups and their first break in market. The concept of seed money is not very old in this part of the country, but it is making a serious entry into the market. Here is what Funding expert and Investment Director at JEL Capital, […]

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Apple’s first big push in to Augmented...

June 7, 2017

During this year’s World Wide Developers Conference, held on 5th June 2017, Apple has announced its entrance in to Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Apple has launched Augmented Reality Developer toolkit for iOS known as ARKit. Apple also unveiled that it is planning to bring support for VR headsets to future Macs. There has been […]

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Siri for female entrepreneurs – Alice

June 5, 2017

The 52 year old Robin Bylenga, the owner and founder of Greenville based Pedal Chic has become an idol for female entrepreneurs. Before founding her own business of women’s athletic boutique, she used to work for a bike shop. Her first venture was to invest $500 which brought her a $1,500 return on women’s biking […]

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Pakistan’s first reality TV challenge for entrepreneurs:...

January 20, 2017

NEO TV has finally launched Pakistan’s first ever business reality show, Idea Croro’n Ka (Million Dollar Idea). The red carpet event, attended by prominent businessmen, potential investors, and media celebrities was hosted by Dr. Abdur Rehman at Superior University, Lahore. This initiative will be anchored and led by Mr. Nabeel A. Qadeer, a well-respected and […]

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Estonia: Europe’s enclave ripe with entrepreneurial opportunities

January 15, 2017

Recently I moved from China to Estonia, a country a thous and times smaller and unknown to most of the people I interact with. In fact I get a slew of questions from “where is Estonia” to “is it really in Europe” to “why Estonia” and “what’s so special about it”. About Estonia To me […]

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Making Pakistan gender inclusive: CIRCLE’s #ElevatePak pledge...

December 31, 2016

CIRCLE Pakistan calls for inclusion of women on panels, conferences and conversations through the Elevate campaign. In business conferences held in Pakistan from January to June 2016, only 15% of speakers were women. Visibility of women leaders is critical to inspire young women and more inclusive dialogue is key for sustainable solutions for Pakistan’s progress. […]

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Female entrepreneurs centre stage at World Bank’s...

December 3, 2016

The recently held Rung of WomenX event celebrated women innovators and entrepreneurs who ventured into the business, food, fashion, marketing, textile and IT sectors, and benefitted from leadership skills and acumen attained during the training programme. The WomenX Programme, a World Bank initiative, managed by Enclude, is aimed at providing business training and mentorship exclusively […]

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Pakistani Female Entrepreneurs share their stories- How...

November 12, 2016

A roller-coaster of a ride; “She inspires” was dedicated to celebrating inspiring women. We heard women talk not only about what they did but also about the sort of obstacles they had to face on their way to the top. The Panel of successful/renowned women was the main event and featured a number of inspiring […]