financial inclusion

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Kar andaaz Pakistan & LCE to host...

November 26, 2016

KARANDAAZ PAKISTAN promotes access to finance for small businesses through a commercially directed investment platform, and financial inclusion for individuals by employing technology enabled digital solutions. The Company has financial and institutional support from leading international development finance institutions; principally the United Kingdom Department for International Development (UKAid) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. […]

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Small and Micro-enterprises benefit from the launch...

November 10, 2016

In late October 2016, the government announced the signing of the Shareholder’s Agreement for the establishment of Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC). The company has been set up by the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), with a sizable grant of GBP 15 million from the United Kingdom Department of International Development (through Kar andaaz Pakistan) […]

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Kar andaaz launches a Global Study- Exploring...

October 27, 2016

Kar andaaz Pakistan launched recently the “Global L andscape Study on Digitising P2G Payments”, the first study to comprehensively examine the opportunities and challenges associated with digitizing person-to-government (P2G) payments. As the name suggests, P2G payments include m andatory payments (taxes, bill payments and fines), payments for government services (passport and visa fees), and co-payments […]