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Sindh Government Continues to Drive Away Exports...

June 15, 2017

The Sindh Government has announced through the Sindh Budget 2017-18 that it plans to continue imposing sales tax on exports of Information Technology enabled services (commonly known as call centers and BPO services). This treatment is unique to only Sindh where exports and foreign exchange earning businesses are discouraged or asked to move their operations […]

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What India has to lose – Questioning...

October 17, 2016

With trade benefits falling into India’s favor primarily, Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry has put a ban on trade objectively as the current state between the two countries suggest. Chairman Ahmad Jawad of FPCCI Regional St anding Committee said to the media on Saturday that any prohibition on trade will affect more […]

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Brazil to enhance trade with Pakistan

September 16, 2016

President of Brazil-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BPCCI) stated that Pakistan and Brazil have great potential to enhance cooperation in mining, energy, agriculture besides other sectors. He further vowed that BPCCI would work to promote bilateral trade by bringing private sectors of both countries even closer. During his visit to Islamabad Chamber of Commerce […]

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Italian Businessmen and Investors to visit Pakistan...

August 24, 2016

Approximately, 100,000 Pakistanis live in Italy out of which a large percentage is from Punjab. Most of the population has settled in Milan and Brescia. There is a Pakistani Embassy in Rome whilst that of Italy is in Islamabad. The Italy–Pakistan trade relations refers to bilateral and cordial relations between the Republic of Italy and […]

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Media Entrepreneurs may explore opportunities in Iran

August 12, 2016

Senator Pervaiz Rashid – Federal Minister for Information Broadcasting and National Heritage emphasized the need for enhanced media connections between Iran and Pakistan.This would would further reinforce and consolidate the existing relationship between the two neighbouring states.The matter was discussed in detail with Mehdi Honardoost Ambassador of Iran. According to the Senator, media can play […]

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Pakistan and Iran establish Direct Banking Links

August 4, 2016

Engineer Khurram Dastgir Khan – Minister for Commerce was heading a meeting with the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) and private banks in Pakistan with a motive to explore all possible banking channels available for trade with post-sanction Iran. According to Peer Muhammad, a journalist at the Express Tribune, “Despite the lifting of sanctions on […]

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Turkey and Pakistan to sign 3 Trade...

July 25, 2016

Turkey has the world’s 18th largest nominal GDP and the country is ranked amongst the world’s leading producers of agricultural products,textiles,motorvehicles,ships,other transportation equipment,construction materials,consumer electronics and home appliances. While many economies have been unable to recover from the recent global financial recession, the Turkish economy exp anded by 9.2% in 2010, and 8.5 percent in […]

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Hungarian Companies ready to invest in Pakistan

July 14, 2016

IMF ranks Hungary as the 57th largest economy in the world, with its export economy being the 36th largest. Hungary’s evolution towards a free-market economy has primarily been aided by the modernization of trade and investment. Major Hungarian industries operating effectively in the country include food processing, pharmaceuticals, motor vehicles, information technology, chemicals, metallurgy, machinery, […]

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German Investors exploring Pakistan

July 8, 2016

According to Associated Press (retrieved staff news from 1972), “In the 1960s, West Germany started a prolonged and heavy industrial programs to aid Pakistan in its industrialization growth. West Germany idealized Pakistan as “an example of successful development policy in the developing country.” Rediff reports, Germany and Pakistan sought a business alliance, known as the […]