Transparent Hands: Connecting Patients to Donors

In the time of political chaos and social turmoil in our country, there are few social endeavors that not only talk the talk but walk the walk and that too with efficiency and transparency. Transparent Hands is one such charity-based organization which is working genuinely towards fulfilling the health care needs of deserving patients.

It was founded by Ms. Rameeza Moeen (CEO) and Mr. Kashif Mueen (CTO) in September 2014 under the mentorship of Plan 9.

There work model is up-to-date and tech-savvy facilitating both Contributors and patients. In the period of 2 years, Transparent Hands has facilitated surgeries of more than 200 deserving patients with the total funds raised to around 17 million PKR for these surgeries.

Purpose behind Transparent Hands:

The healthcare sector in Pakistan has been suffering since years and it has been estimated that there is a deficit of more than 10 million surgeries in Pakistan every year. This neglect of the affordable and quality healthcare facilities lead to dangerously low level access to wellbeing services. 78% of the population depends on out of pocket payments while 4% of the people fall into poverty due to health shocks every year. Unfortunately only 3% of entire budget has been allocated to healthcare services. This drastic statistical analysis therefore gave birth to this innovative idea to build a technological platform that transformed all these challenges into a remarkable Social Endeavor called Transparent Hands.

Mission and Vision:

Transparent Hands is a crowd-funding platform that is globally recognized to facilitate the underprivileged by committing to:
• Provide an opportunity to contributors to donate in a connected and transparent environment
• Provide transparent funding system for the betterment of poor patients
• Provide various payment modes to facilitate the donors all over the country
• Provides free treatments to the needy
• Provides treatment to patients at various hospitals around the country.

State of the Art Technology:

Their innovative web-based tools demonstrate their professional approach and speak volumes of their dedication to this commendable cause. These tools facilitate the donors and contributors to conveniently track their donations online in real time and stay up-to-date of the patient’s treatment and recovery.

Business Model:

Transparent Hands is committed to provide the best to its end-users without any discrimination. Hence its business model and procedures are not only efficient and convenient but also crystal clear. Their work process consists of:
• Initiation Process: to establish contracts with the hospitals.
• Patient’s Registration Process: to obtain the relevant information of patients and provide to the potential donors.
• Contribution Process: to help the donor view patient details, finalize donation and choose payment mode.
• Treatment Process: to pay hospital bills in order to facilitate full treatment of the patient.
Transparent Hands generates revenue by charging 15% on each patient’s campaign which covers its administrative costs and other expenses.

Role in Entrepreneurship Ecosystem:

Transparent Hands worked under the mentorship of Plan 9 as a startup for 6 months. Ever since being an independent organization, it has been responsibly providing mentorship to the upcoming startups and giving them proper guidelines to face the challenges and developing smart goals and objectives.

Apart from mentorship, it has been attending various workshops and conferences organized by Plan 9 and other technological platforms to address various issues and propose effective solutions to resolve them.

Participating Organizations:

Various national and multinational organizations including Proctor and Gamble, NETSOL Technologies, and many others are supporting this noble cause as they believe that Transparent Hands is providing an authentic platform to serve the deserving brethren of our society and ensure that every penny donated is spent in the right way.

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