You, Your Wardrobe, and Stitch to Fit

Need an outfit designed for an upcoming event? Lost a few pounds and would rather get your favorite clothing altered than buy new ones? Often a times, we’ve all experienced those measurement/ stitching problems with our dresses which we get stitched or purchase ready-made. To cater all such problems whilst you are busy playing your part of responsibilities for whatever the occasion may be; Stitch to Fit is a one-stop shop available online to help you!

Stitch to Fit caters a niche; running low on time, mainly professionals, busy mothers and/or anyone who has the ability to spend to save their precious time.

“We are saving their time and providing them with a smarter look.”

– Nadeem Majeed

On a day right before Eid, Nadeem (Founder, Stitch to Fit) needed to get his newly purchased dress altered to his own measurements, but in vain, because of the rush at the tailor shops. He ended up feeling frustrated and miserable on Chand Raat. For those wondering if he managed to wear what he bought- yes he did get his wardrobe ready at the nick of the time. It is then he realized this prevailing missing opportunity.

Being an IT professional, specializing in User Interface and Website Designing he understood clearly what to do and which resources to engage. In April 2016, those ideas and efforts came to reality as “Stitch to Fit’. This platform has been created for customers who can now save their precious time to plan their wardrobes for festivals, ceremonies or hang outs by just placing an order at the convenience of their home.
Once an order is placed at “Stitch to Fit”, one of their riders will come pick your clothes from your own doorstep, with your requirements and specifications and upon completion, the newly stitched dress will be delivered back to you right from where it was picked.

To make it more concise, this online tailoring service offers:
● Custom tailored suits, shirts and trousers on order for both men and women
● Delivers order at doorstep within 7 days

Want to know more about Stitch to Fit?
– Visit their website at
– Or tweet them at @Stitchtofit_co.
– You can also visit their Facebook fan page here :

So what are you waiting for? Start planning what to wear, how to look smarter in your next upcoming hangout, get your custom made perfect dress with and meet your style quotient. It is just as easy as 1, 2, and 3.

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