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There are reports of numerous children that go missing on daily basis. Unfortunately, no one pays heed unless the horrendous incident becomes highlighted and goes viral. In 2018, Zainab Case was one of those cases which proved to be a tipping point. It triggered widespread outrage and protests all over the country. This is when a group of few overseas Pakistani’s lead by Mr Aatif Rana, Mr Farooq & Mr Owais under the name of Invent Lab came up with the Zainab Alert App.

Invent Lab was founded in 2017 with a mission of addressing social problems of Pakistan through the use of technology. A lot of effort has been put to make the Zainab Alert App user friendly, free of any charge and at par with the similar alert systems being used by the first world nations. It has been made possible with self-generated funds and is a nonprofit, noncommercial initiative.

Zainab Alert APP is a major breakthrough and the hour of the need. The App is a joint venture of the Sindh Police, CPLC and volunteers from Invent Lab for reporting missing children. In addition, under the banner of Invent Lab, Zainab Alert is the starting point of a series of apps that will be launched soon, such as vehicle checking and identification of criminals through facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning features.

What is Zainab Alert App?

Zainab Alert is basically a child abduction emergency alert formed to report and track a missing child. Once a case is reported on the app, it instantly galvanizes communities and law enforcement personnel to assist in search for the safe recovery of an abducted child.  This App will make it easier to report incidents and to overcome traditional barriers such as loss of time and a long reporting process.

How it works?

This app is multi linguistic and can be installed on any smartphone. It is completely secure, and any information you provide will remain confidential at all times. Your info is only shared with the relevant law enforcement authorities to ensure that your case gets the attention it deserves.

Once the app is updated with the missing child information, a confirmation call would come in less than 2 minutes to verify the reported case. As soon as it is verified, the app will automatically alert all the respective authorities around the area, and a nationwide search for the child will ensue. Resources will be put on the case to help recover the child as quickly as possible. The child’s family will be kept updated about the progress throughout.

Securing the Future of Pakistan – One Child at a Time

The idea behind Zainab Alert is that every person is an integral part of the community. Together we can multiply our influence and bring the change in the society we all want to see! As a responsible citizen, we should all be a part of this social cause in spreading awareness.

The app is available for download for iPhones and Android phones.

Android –

Apple iOS –



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