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why Pakistan should attend the SCO meeting 2023 of foreign ministers in India

Pakistan's Presence at SCO Meeting in India is Essential The Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting is set to take place in India, but it is not just a forum for cooperation between China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Pakistan's participation in the SCO is essential, as it is a crucial player in the region, and its presence can help to advance the organization's goals. Despite tensions between India and Pakistan, the SCO has provided a platform for the two countries to engage in dialogue and work towards resolving their differences. It is time for India to recognize the importance of Pakistan's role in the SCO and to engage constructively with its neighbor for the benefit of the region as a whole.
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Pakistani ISI: Uniting Faith, Discipline & Safety for 70 Years

The Pakistani ISI has been a key player in safeguarding the country for 70 years. Through its focus on faith, discipline, and safety, the organization has successfully navigated numerous challenges and emerged as a vital part of Pakistan's national security apparatus. Despite criticism from some quarters, the ISI remains an essential component of Pakistan's defense and intelligence operations.