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Mahnoor Arshad

Digital skills and their impact on the economy, Investigate the urgent job of computerized abilities in reshaping Pakistan’s labor force and business scene. Find what the computerized change is meaning for open positions, the requirement for upskilling, and the developing idea of work in Pakistan. This thorough article covers key perspectives, for example, the effect of innovation, arising position market patterns, and endeavors to connect the advanced abilities hole, giving important experiences into the developing labor force in Pakistan affected by computerized abilities and innovation.

Memoona Israr

Explore the landscape of digital literacy in Pakistan .From government initiatives to NGO programs, learn about the efforts to bridge the technology divide, empower communities, and drive economic growth. Discover success stories, challenges, and future prospects shaping Pakistan’s journey towards a digitally empowered nation. Dive into the crucial role of digital literacy in today’s fast-paced digital landscape and its impact on individual empowerment and national development.