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Pakistan’s Role In Regional Stability-A Global Perspective
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Pakistan’s Role in Regional Stability-A Global Perspective

Pakistan's Role in Regional Stability-A Global Perspective importance, challenges, and its role in promoting regional stability from a global perspective is based of internal challenges and disintegration in 1971, Pakistan continues to strive for a prominent role in regional and global politics. Its relations with India, China, Afghanistan, and Iran, and its contributions to international organizations like the UN.Pakistan has faced a relentless torrent of challenges that have tested its resilience and determination. From its inception as a nation, it has grappled with political upheaval, economic hardships, social complexities, and security threats. These challenges, while formidable, have forged a nation that continues to rise against all odds.Pakistan continues to strive for a prominent role in regional and global politics. Pakistan and Afghanistan cooperation, United Nations and Pakistan,hina-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
Social Justice
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Social Justice and Public Awareness in The Age of Nepotism

Now is the time to prove our Identity as an Islamic Republic,for Islam has greatly given importance to Social Justice.Almighty Allah has given repeated orders to humanity to practice justice, whether it involves family or foes. The declaration that falsely testifying against your enemy is a sin adds to this directive. In today's world, Social Justice is synonymous with Being Heard. This happens when individuals who raise their voices receive acknowledgement. This effectiveness is achieved when people actively exercise their rights to access and participate with equal equity. Injustice breeds hatred among the people, posing a lasting threat to a country's prosperity, peace, and sustainability.. Immediate Justice is the symbol and recognition of a prosperous Islamic state as 'justice delayed is justice denied.' Therefore, a healthy and flourishing society contributes to the development and peace of a nation. The entire mechanism of a country is built upon executing Social Justice. Thus, if individuals or groups within society are affected or unheard, it would lead to national instability. We, as Pakistanis, standing on the verge of instability and chaos, must take swift action.