Mental health is an important topic discussed worldwide today. Because of the wide variety of specific factors that contribute to the well-being of a mental state of mind, this topic is often considered taboo and controversial. It’s more than a regular lifestyle change for human beings but a complex aspect of human emotions.

Risk factors and determinants

Many factors contribute to the mental state of our lives, like environmental, social, familial, etc. it’s up to the person himself how he deals with it and takes the precautions to overcome it. The most common symptoms are loneliness, hopelessness, anxiety, stress, and fear of expressing feelings and emotions.

  • Workplace environment: If we talk about the workplace environment, many people face the daily stressful behaviour of bosses and colleagues. The stress of doing the task on time, managing office activities, meeting deadlines, etc. Many people in their routine work face workplace harassment and feel like quitting their job and even their lives. Many people don’t have the patience or mental capacity to deal with all these things. So, under the daily constant pressure of this, a person slowly loses their mental stamina, which also affects their personal life.
  • Social standards: If we talk about social factors, they have a significant role in disturbing a person’s mindset. Not getting an ideal job, not meeting the societal standards for earning a livelihood, not having a typical luxurious lifestyle, etc. All these factors slowly get into the person’s mind. Initially, one cannot feel the change in the body or mind, but in the long term, it does have majorly devastating effects. Similarly, child mental abuse is also a hot topic in this study.
  • Child abuse: Many children face school bullying in their lives, and instead of talking to their parents and teachers, they stay quiet because of particular fear or because they feel that if they talk about it, people will laugh at them. Mental health can also be affected at home. When parents are not fully available to their children, please don’t listen to them and shout at them; the child feels isolated, which is the most devastating feeling a child can ever feel. So, an innocent child keeps facing these things daily or occasionally, contributing to their growing mind and mental state, which will undoubtedly have results in their future adult lives.
  • Individual factors: From a personal point of view, a troubled marital life can also play a vital role in a disturbed mental state of a person. Domestic violence and family breakdowns also trigger the mental health of a person. Relatives, family and friends’ particular behaviour can affect the person’s relationship with them. Facing certain kinds of competition, favouritism, criticism, etc., all are the main key points in disturbing the well-being of the human state of mind.

Preventive measures to deal with mental abuse

Now that these are all risk factors associated with mental health, let’s talk about the precautions and preventive measures related to these risk factors. To balance a person’s mental health is beyond the healthcare system’s task. Environmental, individual, and social factors have a significant role in reshaping mental health.

  • Environmental contributions: Society has a significant impact on a person’s mind. This is the responsibility of a society and its members not to pressure the person’s state of mind and to support living beings at any level. One should feel comfortable living in their community and environment with a free and relaxed mind.
  • Suicide prevention is a global priority. Regular and routine preventive seminars should be arranged on this deadly topic. People should be well aware of this action’s possible side effects and outcomes. The volunteers should thoroughly research the cause and risk factors of suicide because they are responsible for telling people about this evil deed.
  • At the workplace setup, colleagues are responsible for maintaining a relaxed and friendly workplace environment. By feeling healthy and supported, people work harder, and they do not feel anxiety or any stress about meeting their deadlines related to work. They work happily in a stress-free environment.
  • Healthcare setups have a significant relation to dealing with mental well-being. Promotional and preventive programs should be introduced to make people aware of this topic. Seminars, lectures, posters, teaching camps, etc., should be introduced weekly and monthly. Doctors and specialists like psychologists should arrange to counsel about mental abuse and its triggering factors contributing to a person’s disturbed lifestyle.
  • Child and adolescent mental well-being should be equally promoted. School counselling and online programs are the best ways to promote a healthy child’s mind. Also, encouraging regular healthy activities like playing, gardening, and exercising in the home adds to a healthy state of mind. Let them express everything to you and be always emotionally available for them, contributing value to their mental strength.
  • Mental health care and well-being should be promoted through community-based mental healthcare systems. Community-based healthcare systems are the best way to raise awareness. In this way, we can prevent basic human rights violations and specific objections that occur to people individually. By doing community-based mental health promotion, the government takes it seriously about preventive measures and takes action on them. Rehabilitation centres, child schools, daycare setups, primary healthcare setups, general hospitals, and promotional rallies are the best community-based mental healthcare strategies to raise awareness among people.

A peaceful mind is a significant blessing in one’s life. Not everybody faces mental abuse and trauma; some strong-headed and well-rounded people are lucky not to meet this throughout their lives. This can be the reason for their strong upbringing from childhood, which contributed to their solid and well-balanced personalities in adult life, and ensured they did not become victims of mental abuse. Individually, it is the responsibility of all mankind to perform their role in maintaining a healthy environment and surroundings.

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